Friday, April 22, 2011

Ellie's Story

Age 5

Kosair Children’s Hospital


It’s easy to imagine being heartbroken, even angry, if you learned that your 2-year-old child had an illness threatening to take her life. That pain was lessened for Ellie’s parents after learning she had acute lymphoblastic leukemia, because nothing dampened their daughter’s spirit. It was her positive attitude that kept them going and reminded them to count their blessings.

At Kosair Children’s Hospital, little Ellie became famous for her sunny outlook, even when undergoing chemotherapy, spinal taps, and long, exhausting days of treatment. Throughout treatment Ellie kept her smiles and perseverance, reminding everyone she met that there’s plenty to be happy about.

Ellie was so inspiring that the Ellie Cat Crew was formed in her honor to help raise money for the fight against blood cancers. Now 5 years old, she is in remission and has helped raise nearly $115,000 to help other kids beat cancer, just like her.

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